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June 2005

Added about dialog ;-)
and added compiler output for candle.exe, light.exe & dark.exe and view of all items to install:

Added xml-view dialog, IE-like colors, to hilight errors and warnings after compile. Added settings dialog for specifying the path to the WixBinaries:

May 2005

Changing and adding controls and sub-elements, and added icons to tree:

April 2005

Editing resources, like icons/bitmaps/dll's/scripts/etc...:

March 2005

Initial looks for editing dialogs:

Doesn't look different from a real msi installer, now does it? ;-)

Edit Property elements and Dialog element attributes.

Release of WixEdit v0.7.5
2011-03-18 11:49 - WixEdit
WixEdit v0.7.5 fixes a lot of small bugs.

Thanks for reporting bugs and please keep giving feedback.
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