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You can report your errors to the WixEdit website and help to improve WixEdit. To custom build the msi you can specify a custom commandline for the Candle and Light executables.

It's possible to launch an external xml editor. If the wxs file is changed by an external program, you'll be prompted to reload the wxs file.

Double clicking lines with errors and warnings in the compiler output pane shows an xml-view dialog, IE-like colors, to hilight errors and warnings after compile.

In the dialog editor you can use your mouse to move and resize all controls. The dialog can be scaled to any size for a better view.

Here you can edit global data, actions, sequences. The dialog editor, showing selected control with selection border.

Property grid value validation by xsd pattern-restriction and nmtoken-restriction. Feature edit panel, has a selection list for referencing elements.

Changed tab control to a custom made control. And added possibility to create new wix files from templates.

Created a msi installer for easy installation. You can choose which features you like to install.

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Release of WixEdit v0.7.5
2011-03-18 11:49 - WixEdit
WixEdit v0.7.5 fixes a lot of small bugs.

Thanks for reporting bugs and please keep giving feedback.
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